We are committed to our clients needs in the home buying process. Over the last decade we have been providing our clients with knowledge as well as unique tools that assist them with the home buying process to save money.

Home Express Mortgage Plan

  • Customized home purchase program for all buyers

  • Mortgage Planning

    Analysis that provides better insight to make the right decision. Our role is not to tell you yes or no but rather how and when

  • Loan Pro

    Custom loan options with side by side details for comparison.

  • Closing Cost Worksheet

    Cash for closing calculations for contract negotiations.

  • 5 Star Communication

    5-starConstant communication updating you on a variety of details.

    1. Strategic Finance Meeting – Review financial details before contract offer is made.
    2. Home Express Mortgage Guarantee – Guarantees that provide stress free home buying
    3. Quick Tips – Relevant financial tips that bring you up to date on current market information.
    4. Daily Rate Advisory – Daily updates on interest rate trends
    5. Home Buyer Seminars – Provide a great start in answering some basic needs for home buyers
  • Home Buyer Materials