In the Home Smart Seminar* you will discover:


  • How to Buy Without Putting 20% Down
  • Importance of Getting Pre-Approved
  • Strategies to Compete Against Cash Offers
  • How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Closing Costs
  • Contract Negotiation Tactics
  • Ways to Save on Out of Pocket Costs


Home Seminar Detailed Outline:

  • Income
    • Stability of Income
      • Self Employed
      • W-2

      Getting pre-qualified is an important first step in the home buying process. In this section we will cover the types of information that is gathered at this stage and the reasons this information is needed. Getting pre-qualified can help give you a better picture of your credit profile and help you assess your goals.

Buyers often confuse being pre-qualified with being pre-approved. We will cover the importance of understanding the difference and why this is crucial to know when you decide to make an offer on a house.

Buying a home is a multifaceted process and our goal is to give you an understanding of the process as a whole so that you feel comfortable making decisions and offers.

  • Down Payment
  • Closing Costs
  • PrePaids
  • Home Payment (PITI)

We will give a comprehensive look into the many components of financing and buying a home. We cover the steps from making an offer to negotiations, the contact period and home inspection, the down payment and establishing monthly payments and finally the closing.

Also called settlement costs, these are some of the expenses incurred in the transfer of real estate, aside from the purchase price. We will cover what is included in the closing costs and various scenarios of who is actually paying for them.

One of the most asked questions and one of the least understood. We will cover how Mortgage Backed Securities shape interests rates on a daily basis.

Origination points are also often misunderstood. We provide an in-depth explanation of points to help you understand your options and allow you to compare the difference and decide what option fits your needs.

When it comes to loan programs there is not a ‘one size fits all’. There are a variety of terms and programs available. We will explore these programs to give you a better understanding of what is right.

It’s all in the numbers, depending on down payment, interest rate and terms of the loan the cost can break down a variety of ways. We will show examples of how the cost can be effected by through various scenarios.

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*Please note this seminar is intended to help you understand the home buying process and is for anyone who is ready for homeownership, if you need help preparing please visit: Path2Buy.